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Tina Organics ( P ) Ltd.

Performance Chemicals

We are reckoned among the premier erformance Chemicals manufacturers in India. We are engaged in the manufacturing of Flame Retardant Chemicals, Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil and Antifreeze Coolants in the Performance Chemical range. The Performance Chemicals manufactured by us are highly stable, reliable and fulfill the requirement in which ever application they are used. Numerous small, medium and large manufacturing units have been benefitted by our efficient supply and superlative quality chemicals. We are eminent name amongst the Toxic Flame Retardant Suppliers in India.

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For the most effective treatment to control the burning on paper, fabric and wood, use the Flame Retardant Chemical manufactured by us. Our Non Brominated Flame Retardant is widely used to curb in wood & natural fabrics to, prevent fire on fabrics. It can be sprayed, brushed, rolled on and even dipped. The Flame Retardant

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We manufacture Diffusion Pump Oil which is absolutely non-corrosive to most metals. The High Vacuum Diffusion Pump Oil manufactured by us is available with a high boiling point, exceptional heat stability and very low toxicity. These features distinguish our Diffusion Pump Oil from the other conventional Diffusion Pump

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An Antifreeze Coolant is used in almost every automobile for heat transfer. We produce matchless quality Antifreeze Coolants to enhance the performance of your vehicles. The Antifreeze Engine Coolant manufactured by us is perfect for your engine as it comes with a low freezing point and high boiling point. W are one of

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