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Antifreeze Coolant

Antifreeze Engine Coolant

An Antifreeze Coolant is used in almost every automobile for heat transfer. We produce matchless quality Antifreeze Coolants to enhance the performance of your vehicles. The Antifreeze Engine Coolant manufactured by us is perfect for your engine as it comes with a low freezing point and high boiling point. W are one of the topmost Genuine Antifreeze Coolant Exporters from New Delhi.

Product application :
This is a nitrite, nitrate, borate, phosphate, silicate and amine free formulation which uses PAC carboxylate technology to provide maximum protection to the six basic metal alloys found in most heat transfer systems. Since the coolant contains no phosphate or silicates, hard water deposits in the cooling system are reduced. Water pump seal wear is reduced as a result of fewer abrasive dissolved solids in KOOL-PAC which results in improved water pump seal life.

Note : This product is not to be used to protect the inside of potable water system against freezing.

Product description and features :
  • KOOL-PAC is manufactured from ethylene glycol and a highly effective corrosion inhibitor package. This inhibitor system eliminates the need for silicates, phosphates, borates, nitrates and amine additives which are traditionally used for this purpose.
  • Solution of KOOL-PAC and deionised water in 1:1 ratio protects the engine from freezing down to minus 35C and boil over protection to 129C with 15 Lb pressure cap.
  • Certified by ARAI & SIIR as per JIS-k 2234-94.

Applications : Antifreeze radiator car coolant as well as antifreeze for extreme weather conditions.