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Diffusion Pump Oil

High Vacuum Diffusion Pump Oil

We manufacture Diffusion Pump Oil which is absolutely non-corrosive to most metals. The High Vacuum Diffusion Pump Oil manufactured by us is available with a high boiling point, exceptional heat stability and very low toxicity. These features distinguish our Diffusion Pump Oil from the other conventional Diffusion Pump Oils. TINA ORGANICS (P) LTD. is a prominent name among the leading Booster Diffusion Pump Oil Manufacturers.

Added advantage over conventional diffusion pump oils :
  • Colorless transparent oily liquid.
  • Excellent heat stability.
  • Very high boiling point.
  • Extremely low volatility.
  • Gives pressures down to 5X10.6mm Hg (6X106 m bar).
  • Very low toxicity.
  • Absolutely non-corrosive to most metals.
  • Equivalent to DP oil of DOW chemicals.

Applications : In diffussion pumps to achieve high vacuum replaces expensive Silicone oil, Low toxicity.