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Triphenyl Phosphate

Triphenyl Phosphate is used principally as a non-solvent plasticizer for cellulose acetate films having up to 80% retentivity and giving flexibility and toughness to the films. An excellent catalyst/inhibitor/chain terminator for the growing polymer chain for the manufacture of polyester fibre.

An excellent flame retardant and plasticizer for synthetic resins viz. Phenol formaldehyde, decorative laminated sheets etc. It is also used in making stencil blanks, dopes films, varnishes, nail enamels, plastics, lacquers and for impregnating roofing paper.


Uses :

  • Polyester fibres, poly carbonate triacetate
  • NC, photographic films, cellulose acetate
  • Ethyl cellulose & cellulose acetate butyrate


Usage Industrial
Packaging Size As per order
Packaging Type Drums, IBC or Iso Tank
Grade Standard Technical Grade

Typical Properties

Physical Appearance White Flake
Phosphorus content, wt % 9.5
Specific gravity @ 60°C / 60 °C 1.268
Melting Point °C 48°C- 51’C
Acidity as phosphoric acid, % 0.003